How to Start

How to begin?

A parish makes a decision to begin a ministry to inactive/returning Catholics.

  • Begin a process of investigation.
  • Watch the 3-minute video on this website.
  • Contact Paulist Press to review the materials.
  • Contact the Landings staff with questions.

Form a Landings committee to organize and promote the ministry.

  • Choose a Landings Coordinator to be the public face of the ministry.
  • Order the Landings Packet from Paulist Press and additional Participant’s Journals as needed.
  • Review the Coordinator Guide for checklists.
  • Begin to organize your Landings Team members.
  • Set a date for your first session of Landings and begin your publicity and outreach to inactive and returning Catholics with materials from the Coordinator Guide.  Meet with the website administrator to develop a Landings page (add the Landings marketing video to your webpage) and a link to your home page.
  • Contact the Landings International staff for consultation and schedule a training workshop for your team.  You will need approximately 5 hours to conduct the training which includes a 40 minute training DVD (contained in the Landings packet).
  • Contact Landings International after the training to obtain your ministerial certification as an official Landings community.
  • Set up a meeting between the returning Catholics and the Coordinator individually before the session, to hear their stories, give them a Participant’s Journal and welcome them to Landings.  Because the program has a small group format with the returnees sharing their own personal spiritual journey stories, it is important that every participant (returnees and welcome team members)  make a commitment to the entire series.
  • Gather your Team for a final pre-session meeting.

Host your Landings session (8-10 weekly meetings). The program may conclude with a celebration, perhaps a weekend retreat or a Mass.