Reconciliation Prayer

The Newman Prayer

Other Prayers:

From “Believe?  Tell Me Why:  Conversations with those who have left the Church”
by Jose A. Pagola


Learn to trust

Lord, may I never stop seeking you.
May I always seek your face passionately.
Give me the strength to seek you.
You, who have made me find you
And have given me the hope
Of always finding you a little more.
Lord, my God, grant me
To always remember you
To know you and love you.
AUGUSTINE – Bishop of Hippo (354-430)


Believe in spite of your doubts

Did you not hear his silent steps?
He comes, comes, he always comes,
At every moment and in every age,
Every day and every night
In the fragrant days of sunlit April
In the somber darkness of the rains in the nights of July
He comes, comes, he always comes.
RABINDRANATH TAGORE – Indian writer (1881-1941)


A prayer by one fallen away from the faith

No human being goes so far away from you
That he cannot find you again.
When someone comes to you,
It matters not at what age or day,
Or his human condition.
If he comes to you with a sincere heart
He will discover your Love
As a fountain of unchangeable newness.
SOREN KIERKEGAARD – Danish philosopher and theologian (1813-1855)


God desires your welfare

What will become of me without you?
Harassed by anxieties and fears
I would feel lost in a vast world.
I would not know what to love.
The future would be a dark abyss:
And with a heart filled with sorrow
With whom could I share my anxiety?
FRIEDRICH NOVALIS – German poet (1772-1801)


God suffers with us

My candles burnt out
At the foot of the crucifix.
In the street there was a poor man,
His shoes worn out.
So I came back to pray
Before the wooden figure of Christ.
I couldn’t pray, Lord, to your Love
In flesh and bone.
CARYLL HOUSELANDER – English writer (1901-1954)


Is God a “Trinity”?

God of infinite tenderness,
Hold me with both your hands:
Your Son and your Holy Spirit.
May your Son unite me to you closely.
May your Holy Spirit mould me
In the image of Jesus Christ.
Holy Father, hold me in both your hands
And place a kiss on my forehead.
HENRY CAFFAREL – French priest (1903-1996)