Pentecost 2022 Special event

The Upper Room: Landings and the Holy Spirit

In this third video in our podcast series, Deacon Alton Davis and Sharon Ripley from the Landings ministry at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lanham, Md., talk about the Holy Spirit in our lives and in history.

The Upper Room: Landings and the Prodigal Son

In this second special event, Tony See, our key anchor for Landings in Asia, explains the connections he sees between the Gospel passage Luke Chapter 15 and the mission of Landings.

Fall 2021 Special event

The Upper Room: Coming and Going

Our virtual conversation about life and faith during uncertain times was held on Sept. 17, 2021.

The special event featured two former Landings returnees, Mary Ellen Gilroy and author Melanie Rigney, who discussed their experiences and reflections on faith, family and community as they adapted to the new realities we all share since the arrival of COVID-19.

Landings video

Versión en español

"What Is Landings?": Meet Pat Watson

40th Anniversary video

Reflections for a Troubled Age

Week 1: Chilkat Mountains, Alaska

Week 2: Pond Cottage, Delaware

Week 3: Floating Market, Thailand

Week 4: Postbridge, England

Week 5: Amalfi Coast, Italy

Week 6: Times Square, New York

Week 7: The Monks of Wat Leu, Cambodia

Week 8: Soundscape Park, Florida

Week 9: Nong Nooch Gardens, Thailand

Week 10: Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Week 11: On the Ganges River, India

Week 12: Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Week 13: San Francisco Bay, California

Week 14: Water Lilies, Spain

Week 15: Sea of Galilee, Israel

Series 2/1: The Adirondacks, New York

Series 2/2: The Gardens of Monet

Series 2/3: Machu Picchu

Series 2/4: Día de los Muértos

Series 2/5: Thanksgiving 2020

Series 2/6: Christmas 2020

Series 2/7: Epiphany

Series 2/8: Chichén Itzá

Series 2/9: Back Bay

Series 2/10: Lamentation Over the Dead Christ

Series 2/11: Central Park

Series 2/12: Olatz Hermitage

Series 2/13: The Spanish Steps

Series 2/14: Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Series 2/15: Joshua Tree National Park

Series 2/16: Thai Elephant Reserve

Series 2/17: Thanksgiving 2021

Series 2/18: Iceland

Series 2/19: Valentine's Day 2022

Series 2/20: Ash Wednesday 2022

Series 2/21: Easter 2022

Series 2/22: Paris

Series 2/23: Gifts of the Holy Spirit