Living in the Spirit (Digital Download)


Living in the Spirit is a brand new, reimagined seven-week program for those who wish to enrich and deepen their relationship to Christ through mature discipleship. This Paulist program invites those who wish to grow in their Faith, gain wisdom through study, and enjoy the company of spiritual travelers.

Living in the Spirit assists in this transformative process of developing Disciples in Mission.

Designed with clear step-by-step instructions on forming a ministry team and publicizing and conducting the sessions. You will not be burdened with a program that will over-tax staff and clergy. Trained compassionate laymen and women are ready to accompany those seeking a deeper spiritual connection.

The program is ideal for community members, graduates of the RCIA and those desiring more ministerial involvement.

Living in the Spirit provides a unique opportunity to grow in your Faith and draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Your purchase entitles you to a lifetime license to use all Living in the Spirit program materials for your parish or program. You are to use unlimited copies in your parish or program.

Upon completing your order, you will receive an e-mail with links to download and access:

  • The Coordinator’s Guide (PDF)
  • Program Guide (PDF)
  • Sessions 1-7 (individual PDFs)
  • Appendix (PDF)